The Canopy Project


Here's a portion of the list of those we'd like to express gratitude for helping us make the world a better place:

  • Angi Gonzalez, NY1

  • Claire Mungiguerra, Urban Pathways

  • Dana Hahn, Hilton

  • Diane Meier 

  • Heather Lowenthal, Posh Parties

  • Kevin Hart, The Contiguity Group

  • Lizzie Tisch

  • Nicole Hodson, Boho Garden Crowns

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Ohio, Mike



Planting trees is one of the best ways to fight climate change. Not only do trees help filter the air, they can reverse the impacts of land degradation and provide food, energy and income, helping communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

Did you know? In just one year, a mature leafy tree can produce as much oxygen as 10 people inhale! Repeat Roses is committed to supporting the Earth Day Network and helping the organization reach the goal of planting 7.8 billion trees — one tree for every person on earth — in honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020.

Beginning August 12th, the Repeat Roses team started nominating individuals and businesses that have demonstrated how and why they believe in the Repeat Roses mission to protect the Planet. We'll list names/businesses here and donate a $1 to Earth Day Network's The Canopy Project to plant a tree on behalf of each person.

Check back to see new names and totals each month, and let's grow together!

Rachael Ristau