Hilton Worldwide X Repeat Roses Blossom Bar™


Toronto, Philadelphia, Las Vegas

2018 & 2019

From Toronto to Las Vegas, Philadelphia to New York, Repeat Roses signature Blossom Bar™ experience helped Hilton showcase their commitment to corporate sustainability.

Hilton's bold goals — double its investment in social impact and cut environmental footprint in half by 2030 — putting forth responsible hospitality across their value chain.

Bouquets were delivered to local charities across North America including: the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Unique People Services, The Shade Tree, and Sistering. Our service teams later returned to the non-profit facilities to collect the flowers for composting and the vases for reuse/recycling, ensuring a true zero-waste experience.

Helping brands reach bold goals — social impact and environmental sustainability — it’s what we do.

Rachael Ristau