What is Repeat Roses?  A beautiful solution to an ugly waste problem.

Watch the video to hear Jennifer Grove, CEO & Founder, discuss the social and environmental impact of Repeat Roses. Discover the service in action and hear floral design, hospitality, healthcare and sustainability experts discuss why Repeat Roses is an integral step in creating positive community relations and better serving the environment.

Discover The Benefits of Repeat Roses

We're obsessed with 3 things: spreading joy throughout the world, saving our planet and improving your bottom line.


Getting married?

Your once-in-a-lifetime celebration deserves to live on a little longer. Why throw out fabulous flowers after the party is over? Share your joy with those in the community who will benefit most from the emotional health boost your flowers can provide.


Planning a corporate event?

Why toss the beautiful blooms after investing in floral decor to define the style of your milestone gala, national sales meeting or seasonal product launch? Your solution to corporate social responsibility and improved sustainability starts here.


Have excess floral inventory?

Instead sending those extra stunning stems to the landfill, why not make a difference in the community and close the floral lifecycle loop at the same time? Our social impact meets eco-responsible disposal program is designed for your weekly needs.