Dear Event Hosts:

Thank you for choosing to share the joy of flowers with those in your community who will benefit most, while also diverting a significant amount of waste from otherwise ending up in a landfill and harming the environment. All smiles, no waste! Plus, don't forget - this is the one place in your event plan where you have the opportunity to receive a charitable tax credit. Win-win-win! 

We invite you to watch the Repeat Roses video and discover our service in action!

Please note:

  • Service is available nationwide and for select international destinations.

  • Service is currently available for events taking place 30 days from today's date. We recommend scheduling your event as far in advance as possible in order to ensure a spot on our service calendar.

  • For social event and wedding pricing, service fees begin at $1750 and are based on the size and scale of your event's floral plan.

  • For corporate event pricing or information regarding regularly scheduled importer, wholesale, grocery or business pickups, please contact us:

In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we will request your full detailed floral plan after you submit your inquiry.

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