Why do we call it a Triple Win?



The Repeat Roses service allows you to enjoy your wedding, special celebration or corporate event knowing that at least a part of it will live on and bring joy to many others. After all the guests have gone home, doesn't it feel good to know your flowers will have found a new home, too?

Imagine the happiness and comfort a surprise delivery of flowers will bring to a pediatric cancer patient and her family, an elderly individual unable to leave their home, a hospice care patient or a senior in a nursing home who hasn't had a recent visitor. Sharing is caring and kindness matters.

And, after you've invested in floral decor for your event, it's nice to know your flowers will not get thrown out after the party is over. Not only are you paying-it-forward to share joy with others, you are saving hundreds of pounds of waste from negatively impacting our environment.

In addition to the positive vibes you're spreading in the community and the eco-responsible badge you've earned, it's nice to know you'll receive a return on your floral investment. Repeat Roses will facilitate securing a donation acknowledgement from the non-profit organization for your charitable tax deduction purposes.



Repeat Roses service is available nationwide through our network of employees and professional service providers.

Contact us for more information about service in your corner of the globe.

As soon as you choose an event date, consider including Repeat Roses in your event plan. If your florals aren't finalized yet, no problem! We'll offer you the opportunity to place a small deposit in order to reserve your date on our service calendar.

Repeat Roses is a for-profit company with fee-based servicing pricing. We provide top-notch professional service for a one-of-a-kind floral collection-through-compost experience.

Our basic service fee for events starts at $1500 and is customized based on the size and scale your floral plan's volume. Just as every wedding and event design is unique, our service quotes are tailored to your individual event. 

In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we will request your full detailed floral plan - from the ceremony decor to the escort card table arrangements to the floral installations - when you fill out your questionnaire so we have a comprehensive understanding of the flowers available for repurposing.

For corporate event pricing and wholesale floral pickups, please contact Alexa Ambrose to request a proposal [aambrose@repeatroses.com].

“We all know the 3 R’s. And their importance as our global population grows is only increasing. Every bit of material, every resource, needs to be maximized if we are to sustain ourselves. Being conscious of our consumption, what we call being a Global Citizen, is key. The ultimate event includes both charity and sustainability, and repurposing event floral is a great step on the way to this goal.”
— Nickie Harris, Rainforest Partnership

The Repeat Roses service includes:

  • Pre-event coordination and communication with your event planner, florist and/or venue coordinator.
  • Collection of all assigned arrangements from reception venue at the immediate conclusion of the event.
  • Flower cleaning, disassembly, refreshing, styling and repurposing including all additional needed recycled glass vases and containers.
  • Delivery to one of Repeat Roses' approved non-profit recipients within the community.
  • Email and photo proof confirmation of delivery.
  • Acknowledgement of donation letter for tax purposes (if applicable).
  • Compost recovery and delivery to local composting facility (if applicable), including: unusable blooms, leftover greenery and organic waste.

Please note: Our fees include the aforementioned services. Additional fees may apply based on the size and scale of your event. Your custom proposal will address these circumstances based on the information you provide us.

Thank you!

We look forward to working with you and providing you with exceptional flower recycling services.