What do I get?

Repeat Roses sends a team to your event who arrive immediately after the event concludes. We collect and remove all floral and organic decorative arrangements, which can include vines and branches. Our team then removes everything to our staging facilities where they rearrange the large displays into micro, bed-sized bouquets.

Within hours, we deliver your restyled flowers to multiple local non-profits, tagged with your name or organization as donors. You receive news and pictures of your flowers’ recipients—and social media postings, if you want them.

Finally, we return to each facility to collect the flowers as much as a week later and deliver them to local composting facilities. For journeys longer than five miles, we even pay carbon off-sets.

What’s included in my service fee?

The Repeat Roses fee covers coordination and execution of service from collection through composting, including

• removing all floral arrangements ordered for collection

• evaluating and dismantling the arrangements if necessary

• recycling extra, leftover glass containers

• composting the non-usable organic waste

• refreshing the flowers as needed prior to delivery

• providing recycled vases/containers as needed to create multiple arrangements

• delivering the recycled, repurposed blooms to residents in nursing homes, hospice care, family shelters or designated destination

• acknowledgement letter and/or donation receipt facilitation (when applicable)

• reclaiming the flowers after they've been enjoyed - expired flowers are composted and all containers are recycled.

Our service includes Repeat Roses exclusive, comprehensive collection-through-composting.  Pricing typically starts at $1500, depending on the size and scale of your event's floral plan.  


Will I incur additional charges?

Your estimate covers the location of the venue and your estimated volume of floral arrangements. Sales taxes depend on the state where we deliver service. On occasion, additional charges may apply depending on the location of the venue, applicable sales tax depending on your state, as well as the volume and number of arrangements. Please see our Service Terms & Conditions for details that may apply to your specific event.

Do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Donations to non-profit organizations are tax deductible according to IRS regulations, and your donation covers both the costs of the flowers and haulage to get them to and from the non-profits. Repeat Roses ensures the matched facility sends you an acknowledgment letter, providing details of your donation. Consult your tax professional for further information. See Terms & Conditions for more information.


What if my event is canceled?

Contact us as soon as possible so that we can make new arrangements for your service. Additional fees may apply. If your event is canceled four weeks or more before the scheduled date, you receive a 90% refund. If your event is canceled with less than 30 days notice, you receive a 75% refund. If your event is canceled with less than 48 hours notice, you receive a 50% refund.


Where can I get Repeat Roses services?

Through our professional teams and licensed service providers, we provide services nation-wide. Some locations will offer only limited composting sites within reasonable driving distances. For those locations, we will explore alternatives to ensure we divert flowers from landfills.


Where do you deliver the donated flowers?

We identify a range of non-profit organizations in your community with residents who need an emotional boost from fresh flowers. Destinations range from nursing homes and hospices to cancer treatment centers. Recipients have included families at Ronald McDonald House, with children undergoing treatment for life-threatening conditions, as well as shelters for victims of sexual abuse and homelessness. To minimize our carbon footprint, we identify local organizations. However, if you have a particular local organization in mind, we are happy to work with you on special requests.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 7.28.42 AM.png

In addition, at each organization, we work with staff to determine how to maximize the benefits of your donations. Sometimes, our teams decorate community rooms and common areas to let every resident enjoy the flowers. In other instances, staff identify patients without families or visitors, who receive bed-side bouquets.


What if my vases are rented by my florist?

No problem! We will coordinate this and all other timing/collection details with your florist and venue contacts. We leave your vases on-site for your florist to retrieve and supply our own for the donated arrangements.


Are you a non-profit organization?

Repeat Roses a nationally incorporated for-profit professional service business. In addition to the environmental impact and social good benefits we strive to achieve, we are committed to creating jobs by hiring locally instead of relying on volunteers. To provide top-notch professional service efficiently and effectively, we charge clients and businesses for our comprehensive collection-through-composting services rather than spending our time and resources seeking donations or fund-raising from the community

Thank you!

We are so very grateful and overwhelmed with joy that you have chosen to make a positive social impact and protect the environment. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service!

    Have a question not listed above? Contact us - we'd love to hear from you!