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What does CSR mean to your company?

Are you taking responsibility for your organization's effects on environmental and social wellbeing? Do you support collaborative solutions to global challenges? 

If you are a business leader committed to making a positive difference in the world, we'll not only help you increase your impact, we'll make sure you have a good time while doing good!

Repeat Roses turns today’s event flowers into tomorrow’s social good while reducing and diverting on-site waste to better serve the environment.

We’ll engage attendees -- your corporate clients, social/wedding guests, resort and residential guests and employees -- with a Repeat Roses CSR Workshop to showcase your company's commitment to giving back to People and Planet. Our innovative formula creates a fun, hands-on, interactive experience to inspire, educate and create lasting memories.

It's the perfect social impact-meets-sustainability formula:

guests redesign florals + flowers bring joy to patients + flowers are composted = good-for-the-heart green programming

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Why Repeat Roses?

Our CSR Workshops appeal to all audiences:

• corporate clients
• social event guests
• employees
• residential and resort guests

Our CSR Workshops are perfect for:

• community give-back
• sustainability education
• team bonding
• family fun
• memory building

Our CSR Workshops help you:

• divert waste from landfills
• increase community outreach
• measure ESG data
• create a value-add to client packages   
• improve the bottom line
• earn charitable tax credits

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How It Works:

Looking for a luxury custom VIP experience?

Beautiful news. We can do that, too!

Contact Jessica Dillon to discover how to meet your CSR goals while reducing your environmental impact with the joy of flowers.

Repeat Roses provides turn-key event experiences that easily integrate with your CSR programs, on or off-site. Our events are guaranteed to inspire your guests to do good -- and feel better.

Our popular pre-planned themes are focused on FUN:

• Repeat Roses & Rosé
• Creative Coffee Breaks
• Bridal Give-Back & Brunch
• Corporate Team Building
• Holiday Give-Backs
• Roses & Relaxation for Resort Guests

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(photo credit: Justin Fox Burks)

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