Repeat Roses turns today’s event flowers into tomorrow’s social good. Rather than watch corporate event and celebration floral arrangements wind up in the trash, we help our clients petal-it-forward into the community to benefit those who need it most, and divert the waste from landfills with our signature collection-through-composting service. 

Repeat Roses’ signature on-site activations and custom employee engagement events are designed to immerse attendees in the intersection of social impact and sustainability. Our colorful, creative, hands-on floral repurposing experiences enable corporate clients to make an immediate difference in their local communities while protecting the environment. Whether your mission is to provide a truly memorable experience to attract new customers or foster lasting team-building, we’ll customize a purposeful platform for enhancing a positive relationship for your brand.

CSR Activations

Repeat Roses offers an innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR) solution for today’s savvy organizations seeking to reap the benefits of environmental social governance (ESG) by aligning with organizations dedicated to sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, avoiding waste disposal fines, generating positive PR, and strengthening ties to the community.
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