New York Memory Center

When one of our newly engaged couples made a special request that some of the flowers from their Sleepy Hollow Country Club wedding could be matched to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, we turned to New York Memory Center to see love in full bloom. Every day, staff at the Center travel around Brooklyn to pick up individuals with Alzheimer's Disease. Together, they return to the center, a safe place where members can socialize and enjoy various activities including thai chi, yoga, percussion, poetry, and arts and crafts.

Staff members are committed to providing a safe and loving place for members so their loved ones do not have to worry about their family members while at the facility. While visiting their home-away-from-home, our newlywed clients' beautiful repurposed flowers added that extra touch of feeling at home designed to brighten the lives of those who rely on the New York Memory Care Center for a sense of community. Special congratulations to Kimberly and Brent for choosing to begin their new chapter together on a note of kindness with this special gesture.

The New York Memory Center's mission is to help older adults in the community with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias to maintain and/or improve their level of functioning so they can enjoy their later years. Specifically, the Center's program is designed to help older adults with Alzheimer's sustain functional independence, reduce agitation, improve disease-related behavioral symptoms, reduce or eliminate depression, limit excess disability, and reduce caregiver burnout.

For more than 35 years New York Memory Center has been a pioneer in the movement to bring evidence-based home and community solutions that positively impact both the lives of adults living with memory loss and their caregivers. To learn more and to support the organization, we invite you to visit their web site at