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After all the wedding guests have gone home, doesn't it feel good to know your flowers will have found a new home, too?

Repeat Roses' mission is to divert a large portion of waste from ending up in a landfill where it ultimately creates harmful pollutants - and instead bring the joy of wedding flowers to those in the community that will benefit most from an emotional health boost.

At the immediate conclusion of your wedding, Repeat Roses will collect your flower arrangements and restyle them into petite arrangements suitable for patients in local hospitals, cancer treatment centers, nursing homes, hospice careshelter and domestic abuse facilities. 


Once your flowers have brightened the lives of others, it's important to ensure they do not get thrown out and wind up in a landfill. Expired blooms are reclaimed and brought to a compost facility to complete the organic lifecycle.

In addition to the positive vibes you're spreading in the community and the eco-responsible badge you've earned, it's nice to know you'll receive a return on your floral investment. Repeat Roses will facilitate securing a donation acknowledgement from the non-profit agency for your tax credit purposes.




Pre-event coordination and communication with your event planner, florist and/or venue coordinator.

Collection of all assigned arrangements from reception venue at the immediate conclusion of the event.

Flower refreshing: careful disassembly and restyling centerpieces into petite arrangements repurposed for individual patient rooms.

Delivery to one of Repeat Roses' approved non-profit recipients within the community, typically patients in cancer treatment centers, hospitals, hospice care facilities, women's shelters and nursing homes.

Email and photo proof confirmation of delivery.

Acknowledgement of donation letter from non-profit organization for tax purposes.

No-waste experience: second visit to non-profit destination to reclaim flowers for composting and vases for recycling.

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Kindness + Sustainability Start With You.

Make your wedding even more memorable by giving back to People & Planet.


It all started when...

As a former wedding designer and event planner, Repeat Roses Founder & CEO Jennifer Grove helped newly engaged couples turn their Big Day dreams into memorable occasions. From custom bridal bouquets and lush cocktail bar arrangements to over-the-top floral walls and overflowing centerpieces, nothing creates a romantic wedding mood like the perfect floral arrangements.

It was the epic amount of floral waste at the end of the night that had Jennifer asking "Why throw the flowers out after the party is over?" and inspired her to launch Repeat Roses.

Now couples and all social event hosts can rest assured that their flowers will not go to waste but rather inspire more of the joy, hope and love associated with the happy occasion.

We think it's chic to share. Isn't it nice to know your first step into a new chapter is based on giving and kindness?  

Watch the Repeat Roses service in action to see the ripple effect >